Healthy Parish 2020

Healthy Parish 2020 is a ministry of St. Peter which, started in 2016, designed to help our parishioners to care for themselves as sons and daughters of God, to take care of their health physically, to open themselves to their neighbors, to refresh themselves emotionally, to repair themselves and their loved ones relationally, and to pray for the graces they need to prepare themselves spiritually to encounter God.

One of the functions of Healthy Parish 2020 will be to refer parishioners to programs that will enhance their health in one of several areas – physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual.

Another function of Healthy Parish 2020 will be to provide office hours for a parish nurse to counsel and educate parishioners about matters concerning health-physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, relational health. Quarterly programs will be offered to enhance the health of all those who reside in our parish.

Healthy Parish 2020 invites your active participation in your health, in the health of your fellow parishioners, and in the health of your church. We welcome your thoughts about your health care needs and what programs you would like to see presented at the church. You can contact the Parish Nurse, Retha Lear at or 636-946- 6641 ext. 203.

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