Finance Committee

The St. Peter Parish Finance Committee consists of parish members selected to advise the pastor regarding the administration of the parish finances, the management of funds for the operation of our parish, and the strategies and methods for repayment of debt to the Archdiocese.  Members are parishioners who are “generally”, bankers, professional accountants, financial managers, individuals with business experience,  or individuals who are skilled and have a professional interest in accounting.  Parishioners who have this skill set may submit their name to the pastor for consideration when openings occur in this committee.  The Finance Committee meets once a quarter unless special situations warrant a meeting more frequently. 

Current members of the Finance Committee

Fr. James Theby, Pastor  
Mary Lorenz, Business Manager
Tom Boschert
Steve Hollander
Matt Johannesman
Shane McKelvey
Dotty Moxley
Gregg Zeisler