Parish Council

The Parish of St. Peter is a people united in faith and sharing the life of Christ Influenced by our Catholic heritage, empowered by the liturgy and growing in the spirit of God, we are to be ministers of the word of Christ and his work of salvation. We are to be signs of the Lord’s love, peace, justice, and mercy to one another and to the community in which we live.

The Pastoral Parish Council Ministry

The St. Peter Pastoral Parish Council’s ministry is to advise, support and provide encouragement to the Pastor and pastoral staff; to respond to their call, answers questions, and offer the best counsel and consultation possible on pastoral issues, plans, and parish activities. The Council is a representative body of the faithful, who are to provide a focus on the community as a whole. It is to advise the Pastor and parish pastoral staff regarding the general policies that guide the programs and services of the parish. The Council, in concert with the parish pastoral staff, is responsible for preparing and periodically reviewing the parish mission statement; for developing and maintaining the long-range plan to implement the mission of the parish; and for effectively communicating such plans to the Parish Finance Committee, as is consistent and appropriate for implementation of financial matters.

It is incumbent upon the Parish Council, in its advisory mission to consider the “future objectives”, the present “signs of the times”, and the “wisdom and heritage of the past”.  The Council is charged with the mission of uniting the parish community by collectively expressing wisdom and patients in the implementation of pastoral plans and activities. The Council is committed to the spiritual growth of the entire Council, its individual members, and the wider parish community.


The Pastoral Parish Council of St. Peter Parish is scheduled to meet the Fourth Tuesday of each Month - September through May


Current Pastoral Parish Council Members  
Father James Theby – Pastor  
Rodney Boschert  
John Hecei  
Marvin Koechig  
Kathy Montgomery  
 Brittney Smith  
Adrian Stopke  
Steve Vehige  
Business Manager  


To contact the Parish Council with questions, concerns or comments, please e-mail