Live Stream Mass on your Smart TV

Posted on January 07, 2021 in: General News

Live Stream Mass on your Smart TV

St. Peter Parish Now Has a Live-Stream Channel on Your Smart TV

Now that our live-streaming hardware and software are in place, you have another option to view our weekend Mass in addition to going to our parish website ( The provider of our live-streaming service is BoxCast and included in their service is the ability to watch any of our live stream videos directly on your SmartTV (Roku, AppleTV,  Amazon Fire TV).

To set up the channel on your SmartTV:

•  Use your Settings option to add a live-streaming channel

•  Search for “BoxCast”

•  Select it to be added to your menu.

•  Click on “BoxCast”

· Search for “St. Peter Catholic Church St. Charles, MO” (this ensures you  find our parish and not another

     St. Peter Church).

You will now have access to all of our scheduled and previously recorded Masses. The next time you go to BoxCast, there is no need to search for our channel as it will be the first item in the list of churches (looks like the logo as seen above).

      Hoping this enhances your celebration of the Eucharist even though you are not able to meet with us in person.


Peace & Joy,

-Deacon Larry  


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