Children's Education Initiative (CEI)

Posted on December 03, 2013 in: Education

Right now Catholics have an opportunity to support a proposed constitutional amendment that will expand educational opportunities to public and non-public school children. The Missouri bishops strongly support this proposed amendment — the Children’s Education Initiative. This initiative will not raise taxes on anyone, but will provide a tax credit to those who make a
donation to a Children’s Education Foundation. The foundations can use the
funds for any of three purposes: provide scholarships for children to attend
non-public schools, including Catholic schools; offer funds to public schools to
bolster the academic programs they offer to children; and, enhance special
education for children with disabilities. If sufficient signatures are gathered,
this proposal will be considered at the November 2014 election. Churches
have a legal right to participate in issue-related campaigns. Please join with
the Missouri bishops in supporting this Initiative. Thank you!

Volunteers will be on hand after Mass on December 8th to obtain signatures.

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