Please sign up for your time to get your picture taken for the Parish Pictorial Directory.   We only do this once every five (5) years and we want everyone possible to have their picture in the directory.  The signup process is very easy, and we will help anyone who want us to help them signup.  The easiest way is to go the Pictorial Directory Signup website:

You can also call or stop by the parish office during office hours and a member of our expert staff will be more than happy to help you sign up.  

The times for getting your picture taken are very convenient.  During the month of September the photographer will be at the parish almost weekday from 2pm to 9pm, and Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 10am to 5pm, so there should be a time when everyone can come for 20 -30 minutes to get your picture taken for the Pictorial Directory.  We want every parishioner to have their picture in the directory!!

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