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Posted on June 15, 2017 in: General News

From the Mox Box: Summer is off to a roaring start. There are several items I would like to share with you and to seek your assistance.

ONE – We are looking for 2 or 3 additional energetic young people who would like to work at the parish over the summer. The work will involve three – half days per week, 8:00am to 12:00 noon, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We have a lot of moving and organizing of school desks, tables, equipment and supplies. In addition, we want to do our normal summer clean up, spruce up and painting of various rooms and hallways. If you would like summer work please contact me at the parish office.

TWO: – As most of you know, we will retain control of the cemetery. A Cemetery Board has been formed to assist in the oversight process. We have already begun to make significant progress in getting our cemetery back to the way we all want it to be, and have plans for continuing and future improvements. It will take some time, so everyone’s patience is requested. We have already contracted with a professional lawn service to perform the grass cutting and trimming of the cemetery grounds. I have asked Mike Hannon, who has provided the Parish and cemetery with years of dedicated service to continue as an overseer for locating plots, making sure the graves are dug correctly at the proper location and that monuments are installed according to our policies. Mike’s position does not include any manual labor. Therefore, we are looking for a person to work at the cemetery site during business hours three - half days (4 hours max. per day) per week. This may only be one to two days during the months of November through March. The position will entail some physical work involving moving of dirt, digging for cremation graves, cleaning grass from monuments, removal of brush and weeds, and trimming of bushes, etc.

Anyone interested in applying for this positon, please contact me at the Parish Office or email 

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