Holy Thursday 2016 Homily

Posted on March 29, 2016

Many have asked Fr. Bauer about his Holy Thursday homily, therefore we thought we would share it with you. 

Holy Thursday 2016 Homily by Fr. Stephen Bauer

Tonight we celebrate 3 different themes.   Washing feet, establishing the priesthood, celebrating the first Eucharist.   While they are different…..they all are connected.   One cannot be a good priest….without being a good servant… cannot be a good servant without also treasuring the tremendous resource of the bread of life. 

Earlier today, the Holy Father washed feet.   He washed the feet of 8 men and 4 women.   He washed the feet of refugees and migrants…..Muslim, orthodox, Hindu, and catholic.  It’s always a lot safer to act clerically of course. But Francis doesn’t think much of those who act merely clerically.  Hooray for that   It’s not enough to pick out 12 adoring monsignors or 12 very dressed novices, but instead to choose refugees who presently are at the heart of the news, to pick people many that symbolize uneasiness in Europe as well as in nation.  Now that’s something.   The washing of feet can be that nice sweet gesture that disturbs no one …..but go try washing the feet of migrants, then it shakes up the status quo,  shakes up the equation a great bit.   What are you saying by doing this Holy Father?  Who are good people, who are the bad people, who belongs here….who doesn’t?   Who is my neighbor…….who don’t I want as a neighbor.  

Francis’s washing certainly contrast with the divisive spirit we have heard in political debates….I’ll bet it doesn’t settle well with some parts of the church.  I don’t think he cares.   His washing contrasts in no small way with those in Belgium who have blown up the airport with a body bomb.  These terrorist want to destroy the brotherhood of humanity.   Francis is doing just the opposite.   This my friends is a real symbol, a power symbol.  Shouting at us that we are called to serve !!!!

Called to serve.   The other day…..I believe it was at the doctor’s office, one of the receptionists saw that I was a minister of some sort.  I don’t think she was Catholic.   She asked an interesting question,  “When did you get your calling?”.  This is kind of a strange question for Catholics.  I don’t think we use those sort of expressions…..we use words like vocation more than calling.   Nevertheless I knew what she was asking, when did you first think of being clergymen.  The cynical side comes out when I get those sort of questions. Click here to read more....


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