Stroke Scan Plus will be at St. Peter on October 12 & 13 to provide life-saving, wellness ultrasound screenings.  It is important to perform preventive maintenance for ourselves yearly.  Do you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, diabetes, or a family history of heart disease, stroke, abdominal aneurysm or internal cancers?  If so, do not miss this opportunity for early detection of a possibly serious disease.  These screenings are typically NOT performed at your annual check-up, and insurance companies may not pay for them unless you are symptomatic.  Diagnostic versions of these screenings cost thousands of dollars in a hospital. 

Stroke Scan Plus will be offering them to you for $159 for all 7 combined ultrasound screenings (Stroke, AAA, AFIB & organs).  Insurance is NOT necessary and appointments are limited.  Stroke Scan will be available at the church for you to register on October 6 & 7, or please call 1-866-935-7226 to schedule an appointment today for you or a loved one.  Prevention is your key to quality health! 

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