Adult Faith Formation

St. Peter parish invites you to grow spiritually with us by participating in programs of faith formation, prayer, service and health.  Our spiritual growth begins the day we are baptized into the faith and is an ongoing process throughout our lives.  We can learn a lot about our spirituality on our own by reading the Bible and the lives of the saints and praying.  However, being connected to a faith community where members share their spiritual gifts with others expands and accelerates our spiritual growth. 

We host various programs through-out the year.  Contact us for more information about these past presentations:



The seven sacraments are the heart of our Catholic faith. But do we really understand them?  Do we truly grasp the incredible beauty of these amazing channels of grace and their life-changing power?  The Bible and the Sacraments is unlike any other study on the sacraments.  It looks at the basic teaching of the Church as to their meaning and origin, but it goes further. It investigates the deeper mystery of the sacraments as illuminated by Sacred Scripture.