Our Story

Saint Peter Parish's education program has a long, rich history in St. Charles.


The first church construction in 1848 housed a school on the lower level. The church was later rebuilt in brick, and enlarged, in 1861, making it the largest Catholic Church west of the Mississippi River. Father Rauch initially taught the students, later hiring a layman help in that task in 1858. Near the same time (1859), a convent was built, and first sisters (of Notre Dame) were asked to help the church and also teach at the growing school.

To accommodate these growing numbers of students, in 1888, a 2 story building was erected to house a chapel, convent, and 2 added classrooms. In 1900 a 2 story schoolhouse was constructed west of church. The cost of this building was $52,000!

In 1924, a new larger school was built, adding 8 classrooms, restrooms, and 2 additional rooms, which were used for food preparation, and sewing. This building is referred to as the “24” building. The original, “1900” building then became the high school for the older children, until 1957, when Duchesne High School. was built, and those students transferred there. The Parish Center was erected, replacing that structure in 1985 housing a large gymnasium with stage area, along with a Music room, 2 other classrooms, and several storage rooms.

In 1960, additional buildings were added to the northern side of the “24” Building, to include a large Cafeteria, 4 classrooms, and restrooms.

In 1998, a new Chapel was added to the eastern end of the church complex, also housing 2 classrooms, and a restroom. In 2011, this space was re-modeled to accommodate the parish office.

The convent to the east of the church, which was erected in 1949, was used by the nuns until 1987, when it was converted into a shared living residence. This building was remodeled in 2000 to accommodate a large library, Art room, Computer room, 2 Classrooms, and restrooms. Our Early Learning Center has now expanded into all of those classrooms and the library is in the 1924 building and the PE, Music, and Computer classes are held in the Parish Center.


As in the past, Saint Peter Parish continues to strive to provide a superior Catholic education experience for the children of the parish and community. 

In 2017 St. Peter joined the St. Elizabeth/St. Robert Regional School community.  The school was was renamed Seton Regional Catholic School, continuing the tradition of quality education as we did with Duchesne High School. Mother Elizabath Ann Seton and Mother Rose Philippine Duchesne overcame incredible obstacles present to people of faith.  They gave us the building blocks for the education of children. For more information see Seton Regional Catholic School.